Post Arizona Shooting Gun Sales Boom In New York


Updated Trends: Post Arizona shooting the gun sales are on a boom in the state of New York, which in itself is quite a shocking fact. It seems that the people are on a shopping spree to purchase weapons for self defence, even thought it means they go against the law. It is a point of concern to many people especially after the Arizona shooting incident, where a youngster had committed crime after he had purchased a gun.
gun_sales new york

There are exactly 206 requests pending, as checked by the FBI, just two days after the Arizona incident shooting took place. What is surprising is, when a congresswoman was shot in broad daylight almost being killed, the guns sales have not been affected, rather they have boomed.

It is directly a 33% increase in the gun sales compared to last month, experts dont understand why has this happened. Many comment it may be because of the fear of self protection, as lethal crimes are increasing by the day.

Source: NYPost