Brazil Floods 2011: Economic Damage Will Not Be As Severe Australia


Updated Trends: The Brazil floods and mudslides 2011 have created massive havoc in the country, experts say the economic damage in the nation will not be equivalent as to Australia. There is shortage of commodities being experienced locally, but the affect of the floods will not be as severe as the floods in Australia. The Australian floods have created history in causing economic, property and food damage in the nation.

brazil floods

The Serrana region which lies north to Rio Di Janeiro contains around 40% of the vegetable that are supplied to the Rio city, and these crops have been destroyed completely by the floods. Some 17,000 crop producers will experience shortage in their income this year, which accounts to £318 million in total.

Halfway around the world in Brisbane, Australia the conditions are not less than to a post war scale. In Brazil the situation does not seem to be similar, as the reconstruction cost will should be way less than compared to Australia.

Source: Telegraph