Sony PlayStation3 Hackers Will Have No Court Orders For Now


Updated Trends: The Sony PlayStation3 hackers will be receiving no court orders for now, as they successfully broke the security codes of the device. The court has refused to take over the computer gadgets used by the hackers to distort the digital rights management features of the device. If the codes are used on the PlayStation3, one can use any type of digital discs on the device, which include pirated ones too.

george_hotz playstation3 hacker

The US District Judge Susan Illston said that George Hotz, the one who is said to have cracked the PlayStation3, has twitter, PayPal and YouTube accounts all under her jurisdiction, and she added that having a PayPal account was said to be enough though, then everybody would be in the court.

It was a tough blow for Sony Corp, as they expected that the court will take all that computer hardware that Hotz had used to crack the console but sadly this has not happened. According to Sony, Hotz breached the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and also committed the Computer Fraud And Abuse Act.

Source: theregisterer