Late Pope John Paul II Will Be Beatified On The 1st Of May


Updated Trends: The late Pope John Paul II is all set to be beatified on 1st May 2011, as there has been one reported miracle based on the former Roman Catholic head. Pope John Paul II passed away in the year 2005, and the latest move by the Vatican for the former Pope has brought him closer to be declared as a Saint.

pope john paul ii

The Vatican says that a nun from the congregation has been cured of Parkinson’s Disease, and she has credited this healing to be from the Pope. Sister Marie Simon-Pierre, is said to have been cured from the disease, an ailment which the former Pope himself suffered.

The nun states that her ailment has been completely healed of this disease, as her illness left her unknowingly two months after the Pope’s death, since then she has been regularly praying to him. Even the Church Doctors themselves are unable to explain how she has been cured, but there were doubts about the miracle last year. The Church doctors on the other hand have a different explanation to this cure, they say the disease might not be Parkinson’s Disease in particular, but a nervous disorder which had a medical cure in itself.

Source: BBC