Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor To Get Her Leg Amputated


Updated Trends: Hollywood actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is said to get her lower right leg completely amputated, because of a gangrene infection. He husband has stated that the former actress has been admitted at the ULCA Medical Center, where she will undergo the amputation surgery on Sunday evening. Gabor’s health started to deteriorate after she had injured her hip, during which a lesion was formed and it eventually turned gangrenous.


The 93 year old actress was very sad over the news of her amputation and was in tears, for she wanted to spend the New Year’s eve with her family at her home. The surgeons have said, the surgery is quite complicated because of her age and health, but if she makes it through she is awarded some more years in her life.

She is confined to wheelchair since the year 2002, and her health since then is in really bad condition. Everyone close to her wishes that she recovers from the surgery very soon, as her presence amidst them is felt by everyone.

Source: Celebs.Gather