2000 Birds Fall Dead From The Sky Mysteriously In Beebe, Arkansas


    Updated Trends: In a really bizarre event that has occurred in a small town of Beebe, central Arkansas, some 2000 birds fell dead from the sky mysteriously. According to the US Environmental workers, who are working to clean up the carcasses, they say that the birds are only a particular Black Bird and not any other species that have been found dead.

    red winged blackbirds dead

    The US Environmental Services have confirmed that they have removed the last bird from the region at around 11.00am. It has now become a mystery, as why have so many black birds died without any circumstances. The Mayor of Beebe has asked the workers to wear environmental protective suites, so that if the birds are contaminated then they could be safe.

    It has not yet found out whether it is an epidemic within the birds themselves that have killed them such great number. Experts have at once pulled out the doubt of sickness or poisoning, and now they are trying to search, why has only the red winged black birds species been affected. They have said that the birds show some sort of physical trauma, there can be a possibility that they were hit by lightening or high altitude hail.

    Source: AFP