John P. Wheeler, Former George Bush Aide Found Murdered In A Landfill


    Updated Trends: John P. Wheeler III, 66, who is better known to be a close aide to George Bush and two former American Presidents, was found murdered in a landfill, according to the statement made by the Delaware Police. The Police have termed his death to be a homicide and are now asking the public to provide a lead in this case.


    John had undergone a long battle with the authorities, to get the Vietnam Veterans Memorial built in their honour. His body was discovered in Wilmington, when a disposal truck which contained his body made a pick-up in Newark. Wheeler was a prominent person during Reagan’s era as he was the chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial fund.

    He had a top priority with the Presidents before and during George Bush’s era, and he was also one of the best business turnaround consultants. The Police have said that Wheeler’s body was carefully placed in one of the trash bins, only when the disposal truck emptied the container, they discovered his body.

    Source: FoxNews