Partial Solar Eclipse 2011, Views Best In The UK


Updated Trends: The partial solar eclipse 2011, the first astronomical event that has taken place this year, has officially taken place, and one of the best views of this eclipse was seen from the UK. In fact Sweden is the country where the Greatest Eclipse was observed, and this is something that is quite rare during an eclipse.

partial solar eclipse

It is one of the most clear and recognizable eclipse that is seen from UK since 1998, and the last partial eclipse was witnessed in the year 2008. Millions of sky-watchers will be gathered to see this event, but watching the eclipse without proper protective eyeware can damage ones eyes.

Experts have advised people to wear solar-filter glasses, which will protect their eyes from looking into the sun. One of the biggest problems that will cause problems while viewing, will be the cloudy weather of UK and also the hills that are in the region. So one of the best places to witness the Partial Solar Eclipse is near the coast. The whole event will be witnessed during sunrise at around 0810 am, or may even get late if one is residing north in the country.

Source: BBC