Ex-President Of Israel, Moshe Katsav Found Guilty Of Rape


Updated Trends: The ex-President of Israel, Moshe Katsav has been found guilty of rape, which includes two counts of the similar charges. Katsav is found guilty in two counts of rape, one count of obscene act and the last in attempting to subvert the course of justice. It is a subject of shock to every politician in the country, as they had never expected an ex-president to be found guilty in such an indecent crime.


The court in Tel Aviv has pronounced, that Katsav is guilty on rape, under the claims pressed by three unnamed women, who had been working with the ex-President when he was in office. The court was quite stern in its decision, and has said to have barred the defendants claim who state that these charges on Katsav are a ‘riddle’.

The claims by the victims have clearly placed Mr. Katsav as a person who is found guilty of rape. The victims have confessed that he has sexually abused them, and the decision against him will be passed by the court on an undisclosed due date.

Source: JC