Women with large waistlines are at a higher risk of cancer, says NHS report


    Medical experts have warned that obese women with larger waist lines are at risk to the most severe forms of cancer. According to NHS reports revealed on Wednesday, 44% of women in England have a waist of 31.5 inches, which is recommended for health factors.


    The report adds that 445 of women and 32 % of men have a waist measuring more than 37 inches, which is not recommended. Women have been advised by the World Cancer Research, to lose weight so as to reduce the risk of cancer.

    Excess body fat poses a threat to an individual with a large waistline, and especially increases the risk for pancreatic and bowel cancer. Women who have been through menopause have a higher risk of breast cancer and cancer of the womb lining.

    It is essential to create awareness for both the sexes about the risk they may carry due to the extra waistlines. The British government has to initiate such an awareness which must also include the heart risk factors. With ever increasing sedentary lifestyles, health practioners advise that men and women should stay fit by cutting down excess calories, and going for 30 minutes brisk walks- if they don’t have time to go to the gym.