Bomb Blast Takes Place Outside A Court In Athens


Updated Trends: A bomb blast has taken place outside an Athens court, the police have said that there is credible damage to the building. The Police were able to evacuate the building and its premises well before time, when a warning call was given to them prior to the explosion. As a result there is no one who is reported injured.

bomb blast athens court

As of now, the police have started investigating into the event, local television footage shows smoke coming out around the court building which is located near the City Centre. The blast energy was so strong that it has smashed the windows of the surrounding buildings in the region.

Some reports state that the an explosive was kept inside a motorcycle, and by this one can assume the chances of this event to be a terrorist attack. A local kiosk owner was the person who had got the warning call of the bomb near the court building, he said that the explosion was really strong. No one has taken the responsibility of this bomb explosion, as the police have started to investigate into the matter.

Source: AFP