New Military Drills By South Korea Will Be Testing North Korea’s Patience


Updated Trends: South Korea will be holding new military drills which will be including Air and Army defence forces, and this is something which will surely test the patience of North Korea. Heavy artillery, fighter jets and more than 800 soldiers will be participating in this massive drill. Earlier this week, South Korea had held military drills but not on a massive scale, and North Korean did not retaliate.


According to an army spokesperson, the drills will be taking place in Pocheon, a region which is just 20kms away from the North Korea border, and this is really risky during a time when the situations between the two nations are quite tense.

The Army also states that the drills will be sending a message to its enemies, that South Korea has strong military preparations. On the other hand South Korea’s navy too has begun live fire drills which will be lasting for at least four days. There is always a scope of retaliation from the Northern side, which makes every move by the South Korean very risky against its neighbour.

Source: BBC