Two Chicago Firefighters Dead After Getting Trapped In Building


Updated Trends: Two Chicago Fire Fighters were announced dead after they were trapped inside a building which was on fire. Along with the dead fire fighters, several others were injured too. Rescue process began quickly after the officials knew that the firefighters were trapped inside. Some 15 fighters have sustained injuries but its not life threatening, and they have been sent to the hospital for treatment.

chicago firefighters dead

Reports state that when four fighters were inside the warehouse building, battling a massive blaze, the roof suddenly collapsed on them and thus four of them were completely trapped inside. After being pulled out the doctors tried their best to save them, but two of the firefighters finally succumbed to their injuries.

The Fire authorities have identified the dead men as Edward Stringer and Cory Ankum. Edward was in the Fire department for almost 12 years, and Cory worked for three years and is a father of three children. It was one of the most sad moments in Chicago’s history, as there have been very few fire fighter deaths around the country. Edward and Cory’s family is in a state of shock after they received the news of the deaths.

Source: ABC