New Discovery: Bayer Aspirin Helps Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attacks


    Updated Trends: There is a new medical discovery on the block, which shows that Bayer Aspirin, a common drug found everywhere, helps reduce the risk of heart attacks among people. Aspirin is scientifically an anticoagulant or it helps the body to reduce blood clotting, which is something similar to paracetamol. After a course of study it has been known that Aspirin reduces the extent of heart attack to a person by more than 23%.

    bayer aspirin

    More shocking revelations show that after undergoing the first attack, the person administered with Aspirin is less likely to receive a heart attack in the future. The study concludes that, consumption of Aspirin is saving more 10,000 lives every year around the world.

    It has been advised that Aspirin should be taken in very low quantities, and this will relevantly reduce the likeness of a heart attack in the future, and also stroke. The chances of a heart attack and stroke are reduced by more than a fifth after consuming aspirin. At the end no one ever knew that Aspirin had such sort of healing and prevention abilities, surely it can be termed as a wonder drug.

    Source: worldnewsinsight