68 Flights Cancelled From Frankfurt Airport Germany: Fraport


Updated Trends: Fraport AG, German Airport operator has stated that, 68 flights from the Frankfurt Airport have been officially cancelled due to the bad weather in the region. There were 1,350 scheduled take-offs and landing on the airport, out of which partial cancellation were already done a day before. One of the main reasons that some flights have been cancelled is because their destined airports too are not functioning completely.

frankfurt airport bad weather

Frankfurt Airport was prepared thoroughly to face the oncoming winter and that’s the reason they will be opening all the three runway of the airport. It had made a forecast that the winter this year was going to be quite harsh and western Europe was completely unprepared to take on the season.

The Airport Authorities have also said this because they were well prepared, but it does not mean that take off and landing delays can be avoided under any circumstances. In bad weather and impaired vision the flights need longer security distance to land compared to a normal day.

Source: WSJ