Japan Struck With A 7.4 Magnitude Major Earthquake


Updated Trends: Japan has been struck with a 7.4 magnitude major earthquake, and what is making matters worse is that the geological experts state, there could possibly be a local tsunami. As per the statistics, the earthquake struck a region 153 kms away, called Chichi-shima, which lies on a remote island of Bonin. The core of the quake of was quite shallow and originated at a depth of only 14 kms.

japan earthquake

After the country was struck, there were no immediate reports of anyone being hurt or injured, nor are there any reports suggesting property damage. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has notified that there is no official threat of a wide spread tsunami in the region or any other places around it.

Even though there is no threat of a wide spread tsunami, but there could be a local tsunami, and can effect the region in the surrounding 100 kms. Japan is the most dangerous place in the world, in the terms of earthquake strikes; it is said that the country itself is located on the ‘Ring of Fire’, and that is why quakes and tremors are frequent.

Source: AFP