Hulk Hogan And Jennifer McDaniels Wedding Goes Haywire As Police Step In To Stop A Brawl


Updated Trends: Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan and his new girlfriend Jennifer McDaniels got married on Tuesday at Clearwater, Florida, but everything was not normal and calm during the wedding ceremony. The police had to step in to stop the wrestlers body guards and some photographers, who had started a brawl at the wedding event, something quite indecent and shameful to witness at a marriage ceremony.


One of the invitees at the ceremony stated that as the wedding was taking place at Hulk’s backyard, a photographer was trying to sneak in snap the wrestler’s nuptial vows. But as he was having the time of career, one of the hired guards caught him and an unlikely brawl begun.

On one side, Hulk and his girlfriend were entering into marriage and in the background one could easily witness the guards tackling the photographers who were more than 200 feet away from the scene. Eventually, as the issue worsened the police had to be called in to spilt the brawl.

Source: RadarOnline