Scientists Believe To Have Found A Cure For HIV, Stem Cell Transplant


    Updated Trends: It is reportedly true, and this is a finding that can change the course of medical history, for it is believed by a group of doctors that Timothy Ray Brown —  better known as ‘The Berlin Patient’ — has been cured of HIV because of a stem cell transplant. Timothy had undergone stem cell transplant in the year 2007, which was an official part of a lengthy treatment for leukaemia.

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    Reports say that Timothy was HIV positive and doctors now believe that he has been cured of this deadly disease after a treatment that he had received three years ago. After witnessing this particular case, scientists have now found out a concrete path that they could start working on, in order to find a proper solution to Aids.

    What could now be developed to fight HIV Aids, is that there will be a need for extensive development in producing genetically engineered stem cells, that can create a base of curing this lethal disease. Currently, there are more than 33 million people around the world who have HIV Aids, as result this finding can actually revive a ray of hope in their lives.

    Source: HuffingtonPost