Rich And Poor In The US Follow Geographic Lines, Latest Census Data Reveals


Updated Trends: The latest census released in the US, reveals that the gap between the rich and poor differentiates on the basis of geographical lines. The census defines that the income of countries which are considered as median households, have decreased by more than 10 times compared to the development in the rich countries. The data has been compared with the year 2000, with an average taken from the year 2005-09.

rich and poor in US

More findings also state that wealth and education are concentrated more towards the coastal areas of many countries. Douglas Besharov of the University of Maryland’s School of public policy has said that “The dispersion of income is larger than it’s ever been, there used to be a much wider spread of incomes within geographic areas than there is now. There’s much more of a clumping together.”

The data has been released by the American Community Survey, who have surveyed cities, towns, villages and even countries in the span of the last decade. In the US, Washington has stood up to the be the most educated and wealthiest societies country, but there has been a great rise in discrimination of wealth, which has now become global.

Source: Bloomberg