Moscow Rioters Will Be Punished Severely says Dmitry Medvedev


Updated Trends: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has stated that the Moscow rioters will be punished severely for their anti-socialistic behaviour. A massive riot took place in central Moscow, where hoards of ultra-nationalists had joined football fans to create a ruckus in the city. Medvedev spoke out on his Twitter page stating, “Everything is under control — both in Moscow and the country, we will deal with everyone who defiled things. Everyone. You can be certain of that.”

moscow riots

The President seemed to be very angry over the situation in Moscow, as he used harsh words while making his statement. The incident took place near Kremlin as football fans and ultranationalists clashed with the Russian Police, resulting in deadly violence. The riots took place because of the alleged feeble investigation by the police, in the shooting of a Spartak Moscow football fan.

The gathering at the Central square was not authorized and the police had to bring in force to push them back, resulting in inevitable violence. Reports suggest that 13 football fans have been sent to hospital after they were injured in the riots.

Source: AFP