Helicopter crash in France kills two British pilots


Updated Trends: A helicopter crash in Southern France on Thursday, has killed two British pilots – Martin Rutty, 50, and Simon Lichtenstein, 49, from Little Hereford and Bircher respectively. The duo were the winners of the helicopter flying championship.

Martin and Simon

British Helicopter team manager, David Monks said, “They were both extremely capable pilots and joined forces in 1999 to join the British Helicopter Team with Martin flying and Simon co-piloting their Robinson R22 helicopter.” Sources said that the helicopter had crashed just minutes after takeoff.

The helicopter took off from Sospel in France and was heading towards the Provencal city of Avingo. Some witnesses said that the helicopter went out of control and had crashed in to the trees.

According to reports, the helicopter crashed due to a mechanical failure which was caused as a result of strong head winds. A statement said that, Martin and Simon were highly experienced pilots and were a part of the British Helicopter team and had won four titles in the British championship.