An Empty Chair Receives The Nobel Peace Prize For Liu Xiaobo


Updated Trends: The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to China’s Liu Xiaobo, but he was not present at the event; rather an empty chair where he was supposed to sit on, received it on behalf of him. Liv Ullmann, a Norwegian actress and movie director, represented him and spoke a few words on behalf of Liu Xiaobo. The Nobel Prize for the government revolter was shrouded in speculation and criticism in the Chinese mainland, but he was given due respect.

liu xiaobo

The event took place in Oslo, Norway, without the presence of Liu, who is residing in an isolated prison some 4000 miles away. The reason Liu was awarded with this prestigious title was because of his modern thought of changing democracy and initiating more freedom in the China.

This subject was indeed mentioned at the event and the people did speak about it and tried to spread light on the efforts to bring a change in the Chinese mainland. It has been tradition at the Nobel event, when the honoree is not present, a close relative will be speaking on behalf of that person. But Liv spoke on Xiaobo’s behalf and proudly recited the last statement before he was sent to jail, “I have once again been shoved into the dock by the enemy mentality of the regime, but I still want to say to this regime, which is depriving me of my freedom, that I stand by convictions. … I have no enemies, and no hatred.”

Source: sfgate