Mysterious Geminids Meteor Shower To Light Up The Sky


Updated Trends: Another spectacular event which will take place this year-end is the mysterious Geminids Meteor Shower, which will light up the sky with it’s illuminative glaze. This event will take place on the night of 13th December, where the showers will be at its peak, and this is going to puzzle many star gazers this year.

geminids meteor shower

It is reported that the event takes place due to an astrological object called 3200 Phaethon. The best time to witness this incredible heavenly event is just before the dawn of 14th December, where there could be at least 120 meteors striking the atmosphere of the Earth.

Experts state that the Geminids meteor are relatively quite slow, as they travel at speeds of 35km per second. They move on a parallel path of the upper atmosphere and clash near the Gemini constellation onset, and thus the shower got its name.

The moonlight will play an important role during the event, as the the lunar object will slowly begin to set after midnight and thus flushes out even the most faint meteors in the sky. These meteors take around 524 days to travel a revolution around it’s belt and they occur at a peak volume only on the 13th or 14th of December.

Source: Guardian