Blackberry Sprint 8830 – Features and Price revealed


Updated Trends: Sprint has announced it’s latest launch, the Blackberry Sprint 8830, on Saturday. The smartphone is expected to be available online next month onwards on Sprint’s website.


The device has some noteworthy features, including 64 MB memory and an expandable memory card slot, speaker phone and voice activated dialing. Bluetooth and wireless technology, instant access to NFL Mobile live, media played with audio and video play back, as well as built in GPS radio and EV DO enabled, are some of the other features of this smartphone.

The Blackberry Sprint 8830 can also support browser, instant messenger and PDA, in addition to sending and receiving emails via any of the POP3 email account.

However, reviews state that the phone also has certain drawbacks – some being that it does not support Bluetooth stereo sets and some callers have also reported distorted speakerphone quality. And for those who prefer to carry a small phone may not like this kind of phone which is bit on the large side.

The phone will come at a price tag of $199.99. The Blackberry Sprint 8830 will come along only with its basic accessories like the compact wall charger, USB data cable, Holster and a lithium ion battery.