Colombian landslide leaves 23 dead – More than 100 missing in Bello


Rescue operations in Colombia continued on Tuesday, after a massive land slide has reportedly buried several houses in the region. The president of Colombia will be visiting the mountainside of Bello, where the devastating land slide took place.

Colombian landslide

Photo: Luis Benavides / AP

According to the Red Cross, about 23 bodies have been recovered in the search operation, and it is feared that around 120 people may be still trapped in the heap. “We are still hoping to find people alive,” Red Cross National Deputy Director Jorge Ivan Nova said.

However, Nova also said that as time passes, the chances of survival becomes little. Out of the 30 to 40 houses buried in the land slides, about seven injured people have been pulled out to safety.

According to the country’s interior ministry, around 194 people have been killed and 248 have been injured due to the torrential rains across Columbia. The rains have destroyed almost 2,040 houses across the country.