Saint Nicolas Day Is Celebrated In Europe On 6th December


    Updated Trends: Europe will be celebrating Saint Nicolas Day on the 6th of December and it is one of the most important feasts and religious days that has been observed in central Europe. One of the most well known motto’s of Saint Nicolas is ‘to give and not expect something in return’. He is also an example to many Catholics around the world, that God gives to everyone but never demands anything in return.

    saint nicolas day

    The feast falls in the month of December and that is one of the main reasons that children are the most inspired by this saint. Saint Nicolas used to distribute gifts among the poor and even put some coins in the socks that used to hang near fireplaces. This things have now become a trend around the world during the Christmas season and he is well known as Santa Claus.

    Saint Nicolas was born in the 4th century to a wealthy family in Asia Minor. During his adulthood, he served as a bishop in Turkey, which was against the strict will of his parents, and it was during this time he had pity over the poor people in the region and then decided to provide them with gifts and money during Christmas

    We wish all the European Catholics ‘A Very Happy Saint Nicolas Day’.