Continental Airlines Is Criminally Responsible For Concorde Crash In Year 2000


    Updated Trends: Continental Airlines is said to be solely and criminally responsible for the Concorde crash at Paris in the year 2000. The company is now liable to pay around €1 million as compensation to Air France. After investigations, a Continental Airline mechanic was awarded a 15 year imprisonment after he had been allegedly responsible for the crash.


    Continental, on the other hand, feel the decision is unfair and it will be appealing once again. The company also says the decision has been made by protecting French interests. In the month of July 2000, a Concorde took off from the Charles De Gaulle airport Paris, and then it crashed within moments after take off, killing 113 people on board.

    In the post crash investigations it was known that a metal strip which was lying on the runway had hit the tyre of the Concorde which also ruptured the tank of plane, causing an aerial inferno. The metal strip had fallen from the Continental Airlines plane which had taken off prior to the Concorde flight.

    Source: BBC