Tourist Killed In Egyptian Shark Attack – Fifth Person Preyed In A Span Of One Week


Updated Trends: A tourist has been killed in an Egyptian shark attack case, making him the fifth tourist and the first to be killed in the Red Sea in span of just one week. The shark attacks are occurring in Sharm el-Sheikh, a serene beach in Egypt known for its blue and clear waters and has been attracting tourists since decades.

Sharm el-Sheikh egypt shark attack

The Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS) in Egypt has asked the tourists to clear the waters and have prohibited them to enter the seas. The Chairman of the CDWS has stated that they are investigating this attack and has confirmed that a German woman was injured fatally and then eventually passed away.

According to the officials and the witnesses present there, they say that her arm was pulled off by the shark, and she died within minutes of the attack, for there was just too much bleeding and there was no one to help her. These shark attacks have caused a huge blow to Egyptian tourism as many people are fearing to visit the coast which tempt tourists with clear blue warm waters.