AstraZeneca’s experimental thyroid cancer treatment drug is toxic, says FDA


    AstraZeneca Plc’s is a thyroid cancer treatment drug has been introduced on an experimental basis. But the research conducted by the US regulators claim that the consumption of this drug may lead to ‘substantial toxicity’.


    According to the information from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department, the medicine called “vandetanib” has been linked to severe side effects in as many as 31 percent of patients in this study.

    The American Cancer Society claims that about 44,670 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer and it also states that out of which, 1,690 will die due to the disease. A type of cancer called medullary thyroid cancer develops in cells that produce calcitonin. It is a hormone that helps in metabolizing calcium.

    The FDA has given Astra Zeneca a period of six months for a review programme, in order to develop some advanced drugs for the treatment of thyroid cancer.