Russian Airliner Rolls Off The Runway During Emergency Landing, One Killed


Updated Trends: A new report states that at least one person has been killed, when a Russian airliner was making an emergency landing, and then rolled off the runway. The plane was on it’s way to an emergency landing at Moscow Airport and during this process, it was involved in a accident, injuring many.

Tu-154_Dagestan_Airlines emergency landing

There could have been a major accident that could have killed many and even could have provided potential threat to the airport, but it was somehow evaded. The plane has been identified to be a TU-154 or Tupolev 154 airliner, and it runs on three engines.

According to the official reports, all the three engines of the plane had failed while mid-air and thats the reason the pilots lost control over this massive aircraft. Some unconfirmed reports even suggest that the airliner belonged to the Dagestan Airlines, and it had to make the emergency landing after almost half an hour when it took off from the airport.

Source: BBC