Boeing X37B Unmanned Space Shuttle Returns To Earth After Seven Months


    Updated Trends: The Boeing X37B unmanned space shuttle has returned to earth after spending more than seven months in space. The unmanned space shuttle program had been undertaken by the US Air Force, and the X37B was launched in the month of April from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. This space vehicle has spent exactly 220 days in space, the longest time spent by shuttle in outer orbit of the earth.

    boeing x37b

    The whole shuttle program was conducted by officials sitting here on Earth, and the success of this program has led to the conclusion that there will soon be an orbital vehicle that will be replacing the ageing space shuttle.

    The shuttle was ingeniously built by the American company Boeing, which will be using this orbital vehicle for future unmanned space missions. The US space shuttles are on the verge of being scrapped and NASA needs a new and cheap alternative to this massive space vehicle. If the X37B is compared to the Space Shuttle, then it is relatively very small, and is cheaper to fly too.

    Source: ibTimes