Iraq Bomb Blasts Kill 8 Iranian Pilgrims Near Baghdad Shrine


Updated Trends: A recent bomb explosion in Iraq has killed 8 Iranian pilgrims near a Baghdad shrine, which belonged to the Shiite Muslim community. The authorities say that this has been one of the deadliest attacks that has taken place near a shrine in Iraq. The Mosque called the Moussa al-Kadhim, and  is located in the Kazimiyah northern Iraq.

iraq bomb blast

Reports state that a bus that was carrying some Iranian pilgrims, was attacked by a car bomb and this killed 8 of the people on the spot. Kazimiyah is a Shiite dominated area and there have regular tiffs among the Shiite and Sunni communities in the region.

Some 52 people have been injured in the blast and this has been officially confirmed by the hospital authorities. Iraq and Iran have been struggling since a long time to contain such disputes among its communities, but there are extremists who do not budge over undertaking such attacks and killing numerous innocent people and this time they were pilgrims.

Source: WashingtonPost