Kidnapped Mexican Politician Diego Fernandez de Cevallos Released


Updated Trends: Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, the kidnapped Mexican politician has been finally released, the news was confirmed by El Universal in Mexico. The politician was released after spending almost seven months in captivity, as he was kidnapped in the month of May this year. His family is very happy to see their father back, as they have been worried about his safety.

Diego_Fernandez_de_Cevallos released

His family told the newspaper that Diego Fernandez de Cevallos has been finally released from his captivity of the kidnappers on Friday. Diego is a prominent member of the President Felipe Calderon’s ruling party in Mexico. The kidnappers had demanded a ransom of $20 million, which they had paid and later he was released.

Diego family stated “Everything is fine, he is OK and everything came out well,”. Diego has a very strong and rich family background, as he is a powerful lawyer and a former presidential candidate for Mexico. Kidnapping and trafficking are one of the most prominent illegal businesses in Mexico, and this is the reason there is always a fear among rich people who reside in Mexico, for they too could be victim of this dirty trade someday.

Source: msnbc