Beyonce Knowles Family Divorce Is A Hoax?


Updated Trends: There are lots of rumours moving around the internet these days and the latest one is the Knowles family divorce. It was said that Beyonce’s mother and father were going to split up and have filed for a divorce, and somewhere else it was said that Beyonce herself was calling for a split with her husband Jay Z. But nothing here in the news is true about their divorce, it was just ignited on the web by a Justin Bieber fan on Twitter.


Here it is how it all started, some of the friends of this Bieber fan wanted to play a prank on him, by stating that he has a crush on the singer Beyonce who was allegedly  to get divorced. This was just enough to start up a brand new headline on the web.

The Bieber fan did write some lines on the Beyonce divorce topic and this was enough to bring in strong limelight on this topic and surprisingly it became a very hot trend in a matter of hours. The only problem with the whole divorce news is that it is not true at all and there is no credible proof from a responsible website that agrees on this fact.

Source: Babble