Qantas Airbus A380 jumbo jet services resume on Saturday


After grounding the Airbus A380 jumbo jets earlier this month due to an engine failure, Australian airline Qantas has resumed the service of it’s controversial fleet on Saturday.


According to Tom Woodword, a spokesman of Qantas, the Chief Executive Alan Joyce was on the flight when one of the six A380 flights took off from the Sydney airport on Saturday. “He’ll be traveling as far as Singapore,” Woodward said.

The spokesman also said that the flight was full when it left for London via Singapore. The plane was in Los Angeles, California, when the engineers replaced the engines of two of the planes. The plane was then taken to Sydney with only the pilots on the flight.

On the 4th of November, one of the flights of the Qantas A380, had returned to Singapore due to the failure of an engine in mid air. According to Woodward, one of the replacement engines had came from another Qantas plane, which was manufactured by Rolls Royce.