Actor And Comedian Leslie Nielsen Dies At 84


Updated Trends: Famous actor and comedian, Leslie Nielsen passed away on Sunday 28th November 2010, at a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he was being treated for pneumonia. It was a shock when the news broke that Nielsen passed away, as he was a well known actor Hollywood who had a his own unique style of comedy which was never seen before. He was a very happy and joyous man, and was close to many of relatives and friends in the Hollywood industry.

Leslie Nielsen

Nielsen has done more than 100 films in his decades long career, but it was only after the 1980’s when he began to star as a comedian in his films. His nephew spoke on behalf the family stating the Leslie died peacefully as he was surrounded by his family at the hospital. He closed his eyes and went to sleep forever in silence. It is really sad that we wont be seeing Leslie in any of the Hollywood comedy films from now on.

What made him well known was the technique which is used during situational comedy, and that he never overacted or made the audience realize that he is purposely doing something to make them laugh, he was completely natural, straight from within. It is for sure we will never have another actor who can provide the camera the quality which Nielsen had.

Source: BBC