Unemployment Benefits Extension Blocked By The House Republicans


Updated Trends: Unemployment Benefits Extension Blocked By The House Republicans

The Unemployment Benefits extension which people of the US were supposed to enjoy, has been officially blocked by the House Republicans. It has utterly failed after during a vote out, and after almost three months of work put into it, it has not turned out to be a success. The vote resulted to 258 to 154, which is almost two thirds short of the validation of this passage.

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According to the Republicans, they stated that the benefits money should be used as offset savings somewhere else. But Representative Steny Hoyer of Maryland has said that they will be going ahead with the enforcement of the benefits, as the lawmakers are scheduled to return on the 29th November.

From the opposition, there were some regrets that the employees who have lost their jobs without being at fault, could have been provided with insurance benefits for their livelihood. But as the Republicans opposed the bill, it was really sad for the families who are going to suffer badly due to this.