Russia To Sell SU-35 Fighters To China


Updated Trends: Russia To Sell SU-35 Fighters To China

In the latest news from the defense world, Russia is looking forward to sell the SU-35 fighter aircraft to China. The SU-35 or Sukhoi 35 is a 4++ generation fighter aircraft, built indigenously by Russia and now it is looking to sell it on a commercial scale. The news has been confirmed by Russian Defense Industry giant, Rosoboronexport.

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Alexander Mikheyev stated to the press that “We are ready to work with the Chinese partners in this direction,” These fighter aircrafts are said to go into production by the end of 2010 or early next year. The first batch of 48 aircrafts are scheduled to be delivered in the time period between 2010-15.

It was since 2008, that Russia had offered the SU-35 for sale, to India, Malaysia, Algeria, Brazil and Venezuela, but as of now there are no contracts or demands from these countries, but China on the other hand shown strong interest to buy these fighters, because of its potential and capabilities.

India, the biggest customer of defense equipments for Russia, too has shown no interest in purchasing the SU-35, instead the government is looking forward to build and induct the fifth generation fighter ‘PAK-FA’ which is being jointly built by Russia very soon in the Indian Air Force.