Google Maps Mistake Causes Nicaragua Invade Coast Rica


Updated Trends: Google Maps Mistake Causes Nicaragua Invade Coast Rica

A vunarable mistake in the Google maps, has caused the Nicaragua army to invade its neighboring nation of Costa Rica. The army and government of Costa Rica are very angry over this incident where the Nicaragua Army allegedly entered into the country, pulled down the Costa Rica flag and raised the Nicaragua Flag showing the region is their territory.

Nicaragua Invade Costa Rica

The troops which entered Costa Rica was being led by Eden Pastora, who stated that it was not his fault to do so, as he thought the region belonged to their country and that the Google Maps did show the same. The Nicaraguan officials are blaming Google maps for their mistake, as this incident could turn out to become a real war.

The Costa Rica President, Laura Chinchilla, stated that she was ready to take this matter to the US Security Council. Google on the other hand has accepted that there was a mistake in their maps, which showed the a region of the San Juan River into Nicaraguan Territory.