Mount Merapi Eruption Forces Thousands To Evacuate


    Updated Trends: Mount Merapi Eruption Forces Thousands To Evacuate

    Mount Merapi in Indonesia has forced thousands of people from the city to evacuate to region as the eruption continues into the third week. People started to run berserk as it was felt that the volcano could erupt anytime once again. People clogged into trains, buses and rented vehicles to flee away from the region, and escape any sort of devastation.
    Mount Merapi

    The eruption which began two weeks ago has now killed over 141 people in surrounding region, and more than 400000 have already evacuated the villages and towns. Hot ash, rocks and volcanic debris keeps showering at regular intervals from the clouds that have been formed by the volcanic eruption.

    The closest airport of the city has been temporarily closed down due to hot ash in the sky and the surface. And as result, the traffic and the number of people boarding trains has nearly doubled. Students from the universities have begun to flee the city, as parents have been calling them to come back and runaway from the region.