Demi Lovato Is Doing Very Well In Rehab, Her Updates Are Positive


Updated Trends: It has been reported that American actress and song writer, Demi Lovato is doing quite well in rehab, and all her updates are for the moment positive. Resources state that she is slowly getting better in rehab and is recovering quite well, and in addition to this, she even had a visit from Selena Gomez – who is her Disney co-star.

Demi-Lovato rehab

According to some new updates, it has been said that she won’t be continuing her tour with the Jonas Brothers, for she has some personal issues. During her rehab stay, she was consistently getting support from her fans and close friends, so that she may recover soon.

There is no correct or proper information available as where Demi has been kept for treatment, but it has been said that she is in isolation and will be staying there until she recovers completely. Her father on the other hand, has dismissed the claims that she had harmed herself, or that she was into drugs or alcohol.