Hulk Hogan Flashes Private Parts On Music Video Game Promo


Updated Trends: Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan, has reportedly flashed his private parts on a music video game promo, and as a result of which, people have clogged the internet to see what is actually happening. It was during a promo of Music Video Game of rap-star Def Jam, where he did the eye popping incident.

Sony Studios

Reports state that the incident took place when his daughter Brooke, had asked him whether he could do a booty dance on the show, and as a result of which he went a step ahead by dropping down his pants and flashed his private parts on the camera. When his daughter saw that, she was surprised.

To make to whole incident more mind boggling, his friend and long time pal, Jimmy Hart too was present on the scene. After looking at Hogan, it seems that he was quite comfortable in front of his daughter when he did the flashing thing, but he has always been known to surprise people in many ways.