Sakineh Ashtiani-Mohammadi Execution Protests Begin In Iran


Updated Trends: Sakineh Ashtiani-Mohammadi Execution Protests Begin In Iran

Protests have begun within Iran, condemning Sakineh Ashtiani-Mohammadi’s execution, as her issue has taken a strong toll all over the globe. Sakineh was condemned of adultery and it has been said her execution would be carried out by stoning. The Italian press has disclosed that an Iranian agency, which is considered as an opponent to President President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has come up and openly criticized the execution.

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This is first positive sign seen in Iran, where her execution has been openly condemned. A document has been signed by many top officials from various European countries showing their protest and disagreement over Sakineh’s execution.

Earlier last week the people have demanded the release of Sakineh’s lawyer and son, who have been held because of their willingness to fight and release her. Prominent people from around the world have condemned Iran’s traditional Muslim law system, which legalizes beheading and stoning as a form of execution. These laws have been followed around Iran and still many other countries, which depicts a strong form of extreme Islam.