Eric LeGrand Paralysis Treatment Cost To Be Obtained Through Fund Raising


Updated Trends: Eric LeGrand Paralysis Treatment Cost To Be ObtainedThrough Fund Raising

Eric LeGrand, the Rutgers University player’s paralysis treatment cost is said to be raised by public funds. Everything which is in connection withEric today has become very emotional and it seems that the people of New Jersey are really taking matters into their own hands. The massive finance which will be needed for Eric’s treatment will be raised through various sources from the public.

Eric LeGrand Paralysis Fund

Rutgers University has announced the ‘Eric LeGrand Believe Fund’, by which they will raising finances needed for Eric’s paralysis treatment. Eric has reportedly shown no signs of development in his body, nor has he done any sort of movements which could indicate that he would be recovering soon.

Eric was paralyzed on Saturday, which is exactly a week ago, and with so many days passed, he has shown no signs of recovery. His parents, team mates and close ones are really worried about him, hoping that he will recover soon. It is a really hard time for him and his family, and they are being fairly supported by Rutgers University and their team.