Typhoon Megi Arrives In China – Slams Taiwan With Heavy Rain


Updated Trends: Typhoon Megi Arrives In China, Slams Taiwan With Heavy Rain

Typhoon Megi has officially arrived in China and it has slammed the island of Taiwan with heavy rain and strong winds, which has killed 11 people and let 23 tourists go missing. Helicopters were sent to the island to rescue the tourists who were on a group tour to Taiwan. Heavy rains have also caused mudslides in the region which has also killed two people who were buried alive in it.


The authorities have launched a rescue team to search out the stranded tourists in Taiwan, and they are also providing food and other materials to the tourists who have been stuck in the mountainous regions of the island.

Authorities have announced warnings to the people who are living on the south coast of China, but it was seen that they typhoon had missed Hong Kong and taken a northern route instead. The typhoon has already killed 11 people in the Philippines and it looks like the storm system will be more dangerous towards China.