Most Distant And Oldest Galaxy Discovered By European Astronomers


Updated Trends: Most Distant And Oldest Galaxy Discovered By European Astronomers

A team of European astronomers have discovered the most distant and the oldest galaxy in the universe, which is also termed to be the most distant object from Earth. This distant galaxy has been named ‘UDFy-38135539’, and was spotted by the astronomers last year, and they have officially confirmed that this is the furthest known object spotted by man.

Most Distant and Oldest Galaxy

This is a galaxy that can also be assumed to be one of the first sets of stars or galaxies that actually ignited and illuminated after the ‘Big Bang’. The Big Bang occurred some 13.7 billion years ago, and for at least 600 million years, space was plunged into complete darkness. It was after this dark period, that the first sun’s began to appear, and this galaxy could be one of those clusters.

According to the experts, to have spotted a galaxy which is very old is a rare moment, because at the distance at which the UDFy-38135539 is located, it is assumed that most of the Universe was in darkness during that time, and light was very rare. It is indeed a breakthrough in the field of Astronomy and Science, as this opens a new window in learning more secrets about this Universe we live in.