France Strikes – Fuel Shortage Causes Panic Among Citizens


Updated Trends: France Strikes – Fuel Shortage Causes Panic Among Citizens

Amidst the strikes in France, there is acute fuel shortage faced at fuel stations, and as a result of this, people are reportedly panicked and are buying fuel in fear of future shortage. Northern and Western France are the worst hit region in the country, and it was reported the quarter of fuel station in France are gone dry.

Fuel Shortage France Strikes

The French government has already forced oil refineries and depots to be opened by using the nation’s forces to remove the blockades. But out of the 14 refineries in France, 12 still remain close during the strikes, which has caused many fuel stations to run dry. It was after the order of the French President, that the police lifted up the blockades, but only few are now operational.

Unions on the other hand have decided to go into another day of strikes, as they have refused to work, which has directly affected the lives of many people. Students too have joined in, and now the total number of demonstrators has reached 3.5 million.