Toyota Recalls Around 1.6 Million Cars Globally


Updated Trends: Toyota Recalls Around 1.6 Million Cars Globally

Toyota has once again done a recall, and this time it has called in some 1.6 million cars globally. The recall has been termed by the company as a safety recall, because this time the company has discovered a fault in the braking system of their vehicles. More than half the cars in the affected lot are from the US, so this is another blow to the company’s image in the US.

Toyota officials have stated that there is a minor fault in the braking system, as there is a fear that the brake fluid from the master cylinder could start leaking and hamper the car’s braking performance. In addition to this, the brake fluid warning light illuminates at regular intervals, which panics the driver.

Some 740000 vehicles have been recalled from the US alone which include the Lexus, Avalons and Highlanders. Another problem that was discovered was in Japan, where it was reported that the fuel pump is causing the vehicles to stall without warning. It is really a point of concern in Japan, as their vehicles are failing tremendously when it comes to quality, and a total of 10 million vehicles have already been recalled in the past year.