Rutgers Team Believes Eric LeGrand Will Recover From Paralysis


Updated Trends: Rutgers Team Believes Eric LeGrand Will Recover From Paralysis

The Rutgers University team along with assistant coach Joe Susan and team coach Greg Schiano believes that one day Eric will recover from his paralysis. The coach and the coordinator have been spending some time with the LeGrand family, supporting them in this hard time. The LeGrand family is really worried about their son’s health and are thinking whether he would recover or not.

Eric LeGrand

Coach Schiano stated that his mother is really a strong person, and both mother and son have a very strong relationship. It will be the mutual bondage in the family that will help him recover soon. Doctors have not come up with updates on Eric’s health, but everyone is praying that he recovers soon.

LeGrand got paralyzed during the game against the Army on Saturday last week, when he was in a defensive tackle against their player. During this, the impact was so strong that the sustained a spine and neck injury and lied motionless on the field. It was really surprising to see such  love in a family, and especially when it comes to supporting Eric.