Unheard benefits of raw chocolate

Raw chocolate is also known as unprocessed chocolate that has better health benefits than regular chocolate

raw chocolate

We all are well aware of the health benefits of consuming chocolate. However, not many are aware of the raw chocolate that is different from the regular sweetened and processed chocolate. Raw chocolate is derived from the cacao beans which are minimally processed. The purer and darker the chocolate is, the best and healthy it is to consume. Dry cacao beans are crushed to make raw cacao nibs and that results in cocoa paste. Here you get cocoa solids after separating cocoa fat, which is commonly known as cocoa butter.

Why raw chocolate is a healthier option?

Raw chocolate undergoes minimum processing  and contains more of cocoa solids  and makes it healthier than milk and white chocolate. Milk chocolate usually contains 10 to 30 percent of cocoa solids  when compared to dark chocolate which has 50 to 90 percent. Majority of raw chocolate is made from cacao beans, coconut butter or cacao. In order to enhance the flavor some people add extracts or essences.

Regular chocolate is far from health

When Cacao beans are heated to 130 degrees, then they are made in to normal chocolate. The heat alters the majority of the nutrients present in cacao beans. Plus, the companies add a number of preservatives, sugar and saturated fats  which are all not good for the overall health of the body and could only do wrong in a long tenure. Plus white chocolate has no medical properties as it comes out of cocoa butter.

Benefits of unprocessed chocolate –

Unprocessed or raw chocolate has anti-oxidants in abundance along with minerals. Some people also consider it as a super food. It also contains potassium and magnesium making it much more beneficial for health. It helps to release the hormones serotonin  that helps to improve disposition  and curbs cravings for sweets.

Raw chocolate can be a great substitute for regular chocolate, irrespective of people who are following a diet or not.

Photo Credits: Pixabay